Contemporary insert for an old church font

I am always so fortunate to be asked to be part of some unusual projects. The latest one was no exception.  I was asked to make a contemporary insert for a traditional stone font within a church. This very special commission is to represent the 30th anniversary of the minister at this church.

Once all the sizes were taken and the colours discussed, I set about making this very special insert. I chose a stunning slab of a Scottish Sycamore as I thought it would competent the colours of the stone font and frame the rich reds of the fused glass bowl. As this insert was to represent a 30th anniversary I thought it would be nice to inlay 3 metal cast discs, each one to represent 10 years. I also carved 3 abstract doves around the rim.

My customer was delighted with the new insert for the font as it has brought a contemporary feel and warmth to the old stone font.

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