3 Little glass squares

My dad asked me to write my very first blog about his work, so I have chosen to write about the 3 little glass squares he puts on each sculpture.  My dad gets asked this question almost on a daily basis.

Why are there 3 little squares of glass on each sculpture?

It’s a very simple answer as it’s my dad’s trademark or ‘signature’ that goes on all his glass and wood/glass sculptures except jewellery as the jewellery is too small to include the little glass squares.

I asked my dad why he chose 3 little squares as his trademark and this is what he said “I choose 3 squares because it represented our wee family – Mummy, Daddy and baby Carys – at the time when I first started experimenting with glass in 2002.”

But wait a minute there are 4 in our family now so I asked my dad why there are not 4 little glass squares! and this is what he said:  “I can’t add 4 squares to my sculptures now as the 3 little squares is one of the ways my sculptures are recognised and people know that they have bought an original handmade sculpture made by me.   The 3 little squares still represent Mummy, Daddy and Carys but the WHOLE sculpture is to represent Sammy, the 4th member of our family”.

So what else can you tell me about the 3 squares? This is what he said: ” I generally use dichroic glass when adding the 3 squares detail, sometimes they really stand out in the piece and other times they are very discreet.

So the next time you are out and about at one of my dad’s exhibitions, or you see one of his sculptures in a friends house you should look out for the 3 squares.

I hope you enjoyed my very first blog by Sammy aged 10