Bag story

My bag story from the outset like everything else has always been about trying my best to provide the best service possible to all my customers.  I like to present my work in the best possible way so from the very start I made my own hessian bags to put each purchase in.  I would buy a big roll of hessian and cut it to the different sizes. My mum would kindly sit at her sewing machine to stitch each bag. I would then thread a leather cord or twine through a hem to make a drawn string bag.  Each bag would then get a sycamore leaf logo hand painted on. So thanks mum for all the hours you sat at the sewing machine and for the mess your clothes would get in from all the hessian.


Times have changed

I stopped making my own hessian bags in 2006 when I came across  Ecobags at a trade fair in Glasgow. After seeing their bags and finding out about the benefits of using the Ecobags I decided to go ahead and place my first order. My mum was delighted to hear her days on the chain gang making up jute bags were over!  Although I am just a sole trader it was amazing how many bags I used over the years.  It was also nice to see the bags being used out and about in shopping centres or in the local village.



New bag with new logo

Earlier this year I changed my company logo of Harmonies in Wood to a new more stylish one and I just love it.  So now my current stock of bags are nearly finished, I am really looking forward to taking delivery of my new EcoBags with my new logo later this month.  I went for a different style of bag this time so that they are easier to fold away to be reused.  I am really looking forward to seeing the new bags out and about.


So look out for the new bags on your travels!