Commissioning a bespoke corporate award is much more special than simply buying one ‘off the shelf’.

Before we begin the process of creating your corporate award we will discuss timescales, budget and what you want the award to represent (i.e. is there a particular theme or design). When developing an idea I take these factors into consideration, along with things like corporate identity (colours and logos). From here I can decide whether the award should be made of fused glass alone or a combination of fused glass and native hardwood.


If required, a prototype of the award is made. This allows you to see and handle the physical award rather than just looking at sketches. Some clients have used this stage to site the prototype award in a place in their company to get initial feedback from those staff involved. This prototype stage has proved to be very useful in the process as minor tweaks and alterations can be incorporated at this stage before going on to make the final award(s).

Helping Hands Award

Helping Hands Award

If details of winners are to be incorporated onto the award, this can either be done by engraving directly onto the fused glass, or by adding the details to an engraving plate. As I do all the engraving in-house, confidentiality is very important so that no winners names are revealed before the event!

As a finishing touch, each award can be provided in a bespoke gift box (smaller fused glass only awards) but all awards are supplied in an ecofriendly jute bag.

It’s great to see happy clients return year on year for their corporate awards and to recommend my bespoke corporate award service to other businesses.

See a portfolio of my corporate awards here.

All designs of awards remain the property of Harmonies in Wood.