Creating your own bespoke sculpture or award in partnership with an artist is an exciting and fulfilling experience. Having the opportunity to help design and create something truly unique for your home or business creates a special attachment to the piece that will be enjoyed long after the experience is over.

The process begins with a discussion about your requirements, including timescales and budget. At this stage the exciting decision of which hardwood you desire begins; Sycamore, Ash or Elm Following on from this we can look at a selection colour palettes which we can match to interiors or your business logo.

Sculptures and awards

If you are unsure how your colour palette would look when fused together, I will create an exclusive preview of a small fused glass sample allowing you to see how your sculpture would look in your home.

Scott Irvine

Your sculpture can be based on a specific landscape or seascape of your choosing (depending on the size of the sculpture and detail required). Many people choose a cherished place close to their heart for example a beach or mountain view.

Extra large wide rimmed bowl seascape

WIDE RIMMED BOWLS – Extra-large wide rimmed bowls from 56cm to 62cm diameter. The fused glass component can be made in any colour combination.

You can mark your sculpture with a personalised message engraved to signify a special event such as a wedding, birthday or anniversary – there is no additional cost. Other bespoke details available include; specific carvings, metal inlays or engraving.

For tryptic wall hanger sculptures, there is also the option for you to view the design of the glass panels before they go into the kiln before being fused. This is to make sure that you are 100% happy with the design, colour scheme, etc. before it is set in stone. If for whatever reason, you are unhappy with any of the elements, at this point minor tweaks and alterations can be made.

Gateshead sculpture for boardroom

You can view my previous sculptures and awards here.

andy murray freedom of stirling

To enquire about creating your very own bespoke sculpture, please contact me here.

*All sculpture designs remain the property of Harmonies in Wood.