The Edinburgh Collection

I am very excited to launch ‘The Edinburgh Collection’, a limited edition collection of fused glass panels for 2017.

This collection was inspired on a day out with my son, Sam.  The boys had a day together and I asked him what he would like to do, his reply was let’s climb up Arthur’s Seat. So that’s where we went.  I thought I would get away with just climbing up to the ruined Abbey, but oh no that wasn’t enough.  I spent the next 4 hours keeping up with Sam as we climbed up all the vantage points.  It was while we were sitting at the top looking over Edinburgh that the thought came into my mind to produce a skyline of the city on a fused glass panel.  I know that Edinburgh is a beautiful city and everyone who visits says so. When you have lived here for so long you can sometimes take the city for granted. So as I sat at the top of Arthur’s Seat looking over the skyline of the city you can really see how stunning the city looks and I am so lucky to live in such a beatiful city.

Edinburgh skyline

A happy wee boy who made it to the top

The Edinburgh Collection is going to be a limited edition of 20 small fused glass horizon panels with the design based on an abstract landscape.  They will be made in varous colour palettes.  The panels will be engraved with a outline of the Edinburgh skyline.  Each panel will have Edinburgh 2017 engraved into the design along with the edition number.

The very first panel in the collection 1/20

This new collection is exclusive to the Harmonies in Wood gallery.