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Sculpture of the week 15th March 2019

The sculpture of the week is a bespoke collection of sculptures based on the Bass Rock at North Berwick. I used to have great family days out there as a wee boy and I love taking my own family there now. I really enjoy making the seascape themed sculptues because I have such a love for the seaside which I find so relaxing watching the waves break. I just love the colours of the sea and the way they change when the light strikes it.

The Bass Rock collection 2019

The Bass Rock detail

The glass I used for the Bass Rock in each sculpture is an amazing irridescent glass that has an oil slick look and which changes colour in different light. Also everytime you add a cut line into the irridecent glass it leaves a black outline so I made use of this feature to outline the contours in the rock to enhance its features.

The Bass Rock showing the cut lines in the glass

The engraving detail

I always like to try and add some extra detail into my sculptures and in this collection I have engraved some ‘birds in flight’ around the Bass Rock. The engraved birds have been colourfilled in silver leaf or matt black and this really shows off the birds when natural light strikes the sculpture.

Please keep following my work and look out for next weeks Sculpture of the Week.

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