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Sculpture of the week 22nd Feb 2019

The sculpture of the week is a Medium wide rimmed fused glass bowl 30cm in diameter with inlaid metal cast stud detail. The design of the glass is inspired from many family trips to the seaside.  I always feel so at home when walking or sitting on a beach. The sea is amazing to watch, every wave that breaks is different and the colours of the sea are just stunning. I get a lot of inspiration for my carvings from the different textures and patterns in the sand. With this particular sculpture I chose to inlay metal cast studs around the wooden rim. This was to give the idea of looking through a porthole in a ship out to sea.

Scottish Sycamore medium wide rimmed fused glass bowl (seascape)

The wood

I generally make these sculptures from Scottish Sycamore as the carved detail or metal inlays show up really well against the crisp light colour of the Sycamore.  They can also be made from Scottish Ash and Scottish Elm too.

Turning the wooden rim from a slab of Scottish Sycamore

The first stage in making the wooden rim is to turn the back of the rim and sand it to a fine finish, ready for it to be oiled when complete. I then turn the rim over and start work on the front of the rim. Once the rim is turned to shape it is then ready for the finer detail; and in this case it was the metal cast studs. The rim has a final sand with some steel wool and it is now ready to get oiled over a period of 3 to 4 days. Once the oil has all dried the fused glass insert is fitted into the rim.

The finsihed sculpture looks stunning when postioned with natural light behind the fused glass.

Please keep following my work and look out for next weeks Sculpture of the Week.