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Sculpture of the week 31st May 2019

The sculpture of the week is a stunning Burr Elm centre display. I always like working with burrs because, in the rough form, they hide so much beautiful grain within each burr. I just loved peeling away the outer surface to expose the stunning wild grain. I always turn the underside of the burr first then turn it over and work on the top face of the sculpture.

Burr Elm centre display 460mm diameter

This Elm burr came from an estate in Stirling and I have been air drying this burr for over 8 years. The natural edge of the burr has been left on but smoked black to add a contrast in colour. The carved detail is the last detail to add before the fused glass insert is fitted.

Smoked carved detail with in-laid stainless steel studs

The finished sculpture is then oiled over a period of 4 days and when the last coat of oil is dry I then polish the sculpture with some beeswax.

Thanks for following my journey with my sculptures and look out for the next sculpture of the week.

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