Sculpture of the week 5th April 2019

The sculpture of the week is a is a collection of ‘Husk’ vases made from kiln dried Scottish hardwoods.  The Husk vase was a new design that was added to my collection of work at the start of the year and has been very popular.

Sycamore Husk vase with carved detail and inlaid stainless steel studs

Making a husk vase

To make a Husk vase I always start with a slab of Scottish hardwood;  Ash, Sycamore or Elm.   Each slab is chosen specially to suit each sculpture.  The basic shape of the vase is drawn on freehand then cut to shape using a band saw.  This is then mounted onto the lathe ready to be turned into shape.  When making the Husk vase I always work on the front face of the vase first.  When it has been turned then sanded to a smooth finish, I can then draw freehand any carved detail.  After all the carved detail has been added it then gets a coat of sanding sealer before turning the vase over to work on the rear face.  The same process is used on this rear face then the fused glass discs are fitted.

Elm Husk vase with red fused glass discs

The finished vase will get several coats of oil over a period of 4 days.  Once the oiling process is finished the sculpture is ready to be photographed by Sammy.  He is a great help in doing this and he enjoys setting up each camera shot.

Ash Husk vase with smoked carved detail

Thank you for following my work and please look out for next week’s sculpture of the week.

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